Randall Gainforth M.A., LMHC received his Masters degree from the University of South Florida. He is licensed by the State of Florida as a mental health counselor and as a qualified supervisor for LMFT & LMHC licensure. As a mental health therapist in private practice, he has over 49 years of experience in individual, child and family counseling with several agencies of Hillsborough County, Florida including: Child and Family Counseling Services, the Truancy Center, Haven Poe Runaway Shelter, the Family Treatment Program, Dorothy Thomas Exceptional Center, and Nature’s Classroom.


Randall was a board member and past president of FAS, the Florida Adlerian Society. He has also served as a board member and chair of the website and technology committee of NASAP, the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology. Randall has a wealth of experience working with children and families who experience difficulties at home, in school, and/or in the community. His emphasis is on improving relationships and facilitating cooperation in all areas of life.


While a graduate student, Randall interned at Apple Service’s sexual abuse treatment center, working with victims and offenders. In addition to his graduate studies, Randall has participated in numerous conferences, most notably: ICASSI, the International Committee of Adlerian Schools & Institutes in England, Austria, Switzerland and Boston, where he studied with world renowned leaders in the field of Adlerian Psychology. He also regularly attends NASAP’s annual conferences in Myrtle Beach, Tucson, Chicago and Vancouver, FAS’s Annual Bay Area Conferences, and the South Carolina Society of Adlerian Psychology annual conferences.


Randall has enjoyed working with and supervising graduate interns for over 35 years from several colleges including the University of South Florida, Argosy University, Webster University, and Liberty University. He has taught the following courses at the FAS Annual Conference or the South Carolina Society of Adlerian Psychology: Facilitating a Parent Study Group, Number One Priority Assessment Demonstration, Parents of Teenagers Using Choice Theory, Open Forum Demonstrations, Introduction to Adlerian Psychology, Starting a Private Practice, and an Introduction to Taoist Tai Chi & Holistic Health practices. Randall has also participated as a parenting coach for WMNF 88.5 FM’s radio call in show.


Randall was honored to receive the Cameron Meredith Social Interest Award from the Florida Adlerian Society for his contributions to FAS and the community.

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